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Zero Gravity Floating

Welcome to the world of Floating, also known as Sensory Deprivation Bathtub. Here, you will understand how it works and how you can benefit from it. If, at the end of this reading, you will be excited by what you have learnt, you will be ready to personally experience the absence of gravity recreated by the Floating bathtub.


Experience the Sensory Deprivation Bathtub


What is Floating and how it works

The practice of the Floating or Sensory Deprivation Bathtub basically consists in submerging your body, for a controlled period of time, in a bathtub duly isolated from external stimuli and containing water enriched with magnesium sulphate, kept at a constant temperature of 36.5 degrees.

solfato di magnesio

The high salt concentration, besides relaxing the muscles, allows the body to effortlessly float in 30cm of water, while the body-temperature salt water eliminates any thermal stimuli.

The special egg-shaped bathtub, 2.70m large and 1.60m wide, creates a sensory deprivation chamber, so that all external stimuli, such as sounds and lights, are excluded; the physical boundaries are thus expanded and you are ready to embark on a new incredible journey. Although the size and capacity of the bathtub are designed to avoid claustrophobia for sensitive subjects, the session can also be held in an open bathtub..

Absence of sensory stimulation leads to a profound psycho-physical relaxation, inducing a state similar to drowsiness, yet deeper. Subjects experience a sensation of peacefulness, detachment from the external world and, occasionally, also from their own body, which can be compared to what can be reached through meditation or yoga.

At the beginning of the Floating session, you will be accompanied by a soft multi-coloured LED lighting and a relaxing music of your choice, both of which will gradually fade out.

After about half an hour of floating in the liquid, deprived of external stimuli and with the musculoskeletal structure freed from the need of maintaining a correct gravitational posture, you will start experiencing the first signs that something unusual is happening to your body. The perception of bodily boundaries generally diminishes until it vanishes completely, so that subjects submerged in the bathtub “forget” the physical constraints imposed by the body, which in some way limits and restricts us.

The deep relaxation experienced in this state induces what is technically called a “parasympathetic response". The whole body is freed from the constant effort to monitor its temperature and gravitational posture (which normally takes up to 90% of our resources), and starts producing positive substances, such as endorphins. After an hour in this state, all bodily tensions will be eliminated, and also the psychological stress previously accumulated will be largely gone. Our brain and nervous system will be able to move towards a state of complete relaxation, which reproduces the correct relationship between body and mind.

During this phase of profound relaxation reached through the Floating, which goes by the name of Theta phase (from the name of the brain waves produced on this occasion), our mind is free to access a number of resources that we normally do not use and are intimately linked to creativity and intuit. The Theta phase is commonly associated to the state of trance reached by Buddhist monks with meditation and that, besides an innate ability, requires constant and intense practice.

Towards the end of the session, which lasts 50 minutes, music and lights will gradually come back and lead you to the awakening.

vasca deprivazione sensoriale

Good reasons to undergo a Floating session in the Samadhi Tank

It would be incorrect to consider Floating as a therapy to solve some disorders or diseases. You do not need to be “sick” to enjoy the effects of Floating indeed. The immersion in the Sensory Deprivation Bathtub represents an experience that transcends the borders of cure or therapy.

Floating is, first of all, a way to treat yourself and take care of your body and mind, a place where you can hide from the chaos of our life for a while and come into contact with your inner being, a way to detoxify yourself from the burdens of every day life, recover your energy and look at the things you love the most with greater clarity. This is an experience that eventually makes your stronger and enriches your energy and potential.

But there is something else. Floating is highly recommended to all individuals who, due to their work or activities, are highly stressed, such as business people, students, office workers forced into a sedentary life as well as athletes and whoever is particularly subject to stress accumulation.

The Floating session can benefit all persons affected by bone, vertebrae and joints problems, those with acne symptoms or respiratory diseases, such as asthma, sinusitis or allergies.


Customizing the Floating session


The Floating bathtub at the ATLANTOtec Centre of Chiasso in Switzerland, besides featuring a unique Design, is also among the most advanced and innovative on the market.

The bathtub, in fact, allows for a high degree of customization of the Floating experience; it is equipped with multi-colour LED lights that can be programmed to illuminate the water and the internal walls of the tub with a variety of colours and light patterns.

It is also possible to change the colours and intensity of the lights in the Floating room, also provided by LED technology, as well as in the shower, according to one’s personal taste, in order to obtain an atmosphere of maximum relax since the shower.
The lights of the Floating room will gradually fade out after a few minutes in the tub and come back at the end of the session.

Usually, the tub lights are turned on for the first 5 minutes and then they gradually fade out, allowing you to fully experience sensory deprivation. However, lights can be programmed and left on throughout the session.

Iphone Floating

With regard to safety and emergency, the bathtub comes with an emergency button to call the personnel when needed. This button emits a soft light that softly illuminates the inner tub walls, so as to allow you to orient yourself once the main light goes off.

For those who are already familiar with the floating experience and feel totally confident and safe, it is possible to turn off the light of the emergency button and set a totally dark environment.

During the session, it is possible to listen to music under water. Just like the lights, you can opt to keep the music on for the entire session or only at the beginning or at the end.

The music starts with a list of pre-programmed tunes and sounds. You can also connect your own devices, i.e. an iPhone or iPod or other music players, to listen to your favourite or most relaxing music. A 220V outlet is located near the audio connection.

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